BG Fitness Club


So Are You Thinking About Getting fit and staying fit?

Well you’ve come to the right place – Our mission is to provide you with all sorts of information and coaching resources in a variety of formats that will help you in our fitness coaching program at BG FITNESS CLUB.  For all your need whether to eat less, move more, stop smoking, or reduce the physical toll of stress, or if you simply want to look your best, or to have anew look or to be in TOP SHAPE physically, you can count on us.  Mr. Gantt will be your personal trainer and address your health issues on a ONE ON ONE basis.  His personal and private approach is to give you confidence that your needs are met individually.  Mr. Gantt not only help clients identify goals, plan strategies, and create structures, but he also explore their underlying beliefs that may be getting in the way of their health goals.  With the wide variety of coaching skills at BG FITNESS LUB, you will be better assisted in reaching your goals by exploring perspectives that enable you to shift the patterns of your past, re-commit to new strategies and actions and achieve your desired goals in a tangible way.

So if you are thinking, “Hey, that’s what I’ve been looking for all my life!”, now is a great time to take advantage of the coaching membership at BG Fitness Club.  Give them a call at 301 627-3579.

We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private and group classes. Our personal trainers are highly skilled and patient. We offer corporate memberships and group discounts.

Some of our featured classes include:

Abs 101
A challenging introduction to abs. Those experienced with working abs also benefit as this program highlights often overlooked aspects of developing abs based on physiological principles. This class is great, even if you think you can't do sit-ups!

Cardio Endurance
This fun focus on cardio endurance combines traditional and current technique to support a healthy lifestyle. Truly get into shape with cardio! Includes warm-up and cool-down to maximize results. 45 minutes.

Cross Training
Combine cardio and strength training for a complete balanced approach to getting into shape and staying fit. Cross training uses selected equipment to achieve outstanding results. Includes weights, bikes, step, balls, and bands. Beginners welcome.

Hip Hop & Jazzercise
This low-impact approach to exercise will have you enjoying your class so much, you won't even know its exercise. Feel the beat - Get fit through dance!

Low Impact Aerobics
All the intensity of an aerobics class without muscular stress and jumping. Great for aerobic first-timers and those with arthritic conditions.

Improve your flexibility, stamina, circulation, and coordination through Pilates. All levels are welcome. Pilates support whole-body functioning as well strength and endurance.

Strengthen your lower body and improve cardio endurance using step. Especially helpful for toning legs and calves.

Strength Training
Get stronger today. Great counterpart to individual strength training. Improves flexibility and circulation. Variety of methods is used to support healthy muscle development.

Tai Chi
Technique used to combine physical and spiritual development. Focus on movement and flexibility. Incorporates the best of martial arts, including strength of body and mind.

Peaceful method to increase flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. Certified yoga instructors guide through important principles. Beginning to advanced classes available. 45 minutes.

*All aerobic classes are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted

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